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Sunday 2 October 2011

Dotti fashion - look at it now!

Did you know Dotti can appeal to people of, er, my vintage?

And by that, I mean: heading into the [cough] 40s?

Well, it does!

If you're around the same age as I am, you'll recall Dotti as the place with blaring music, and just as loud clothing.

My, my how Dotti has changed.

Sure, it's still stocked with fast fashion at super-good prices, but now it's a little more grown up... and stocks accessories (and has a hot campaign to go with it - check it out here).

For more, see: www.dotti.com.au

(I just checked out the site and these black wedges are onsale now... under 40 bucks!)


  1. I love Dotti, I remember only a couple of years ago I would sometimes wander in then wander straight back out again! Now I pick up something every month from there, their DFO stores are sometimes gold mines as well ;-).

  2. Oooh, Everyday Girl thanks for the tip! I must try their DFO outlet store, then! Yes, the brand has certainly grown up... much to love now :)