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Tuesday 18 October 2011

Dannii Minogue - "Dannii: My Style" Book

A style guide for women by Dannii Minogue is out now - and it's a beauty.

In "Dannii: My Style" she shares her fashion [string of] pearls of wisdom and personal style secrets, all beautifully illustrated with too-gorgeous photos of Dannii in myriad to-die-for dresses (that's a divine Dolce & Gabbana number she wears on the cover).

This focus of this style bible is to help you learn to love the way you are, while concentrating on ways to accentuate the positive.

It covers everything from lovely hair to glowing skin, to makeup and eating healthily.

Dannii imparts her tips on red carpet looks and what to wear for every occasion; she also offers advice on dressing for your shape and choosing the right accessories (hello, my fave fash topic).

I particularly love the fashion [disaster] pics of Dannii in her early days, and I love that she acknowledges these somewhat tragic early days of dressing (we've all been there, Dannii - yours was just more public!) which just makes the divine Miss M all the more endearing, really.

Fast forward to present-day photos - giving a good snapshot of how she dresses today - and it's hard not to fall in love with Dannii's impeccable, showy, yet classy style.

Love your work, Dannii.

"Dannii: My Style" is onsale now at bookstores (and hey, I even spied an iPad edition. Nice).

Photo credit: Jonty Davies

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