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Saturday 8 October 2011

Miranda Kerr - Nude. Harper's Bazaar Australia, November 2011

Over a week ago I posted the November cover of Harper's Bazaar, featuring Miranda Kerr; see here:

And now, Miranda strips down - yep, totes nekkid - in a shoot for the same issue (onsale Monday) which is sure to cause a stir.

The Herald Sun is this morning quoted as saying:

"Mrs Orlando Bloom is featured in the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar out next week, in a series of stunning photographs that are sure to make men smile and women weep."
Why? Why would I weep?
I take exception to this oft-repeated comment.
It may motivate me to do an extra 2km power walk at the park. But cry? No.
This woman is a model. She gets paid squillions to model, she maintains her shape through hard work, dieting, working out, and excellent genes.
If you were overweight before falling pregnant, you'll be overweight post-pregnancy.
If you were six feet tall with legs up to here and ripped arms pre-baby, chances are you will bounce back into shape that much quicker. Plus, your lactating boobs will be a nice bonus.
If however you were five foot one pre-baby with an issue with your arse and thighs pre-baby, then fell pregnant with twins, bathed yourself in Bio-Oil, but now your stretch marks resemble a Gregory's street directory, you'll never look like a tall glamazon with a butt you could eat off (yes, I am now talking about me).
Thing is, I feel not a twinge of jealousy when I see this pic of Miranda Kerr.
US talk show host Conan O'Brien, who had Miranda on his show four months after she gave birth (where she walks out in a dress which Conan describes as something she was "dipped into"), echoes this absurd 'women must hate Miranda' sentiment.
He says: "Oh, that makes every woman I know really angry."
Again, NO!
Watch the video here:
What are your thoughts?
Embracing all things Miranda and giving her an imaginary high-five? Or cursing her for making you feel a little, er, inadequate?


  1. In light of a new batch of Miranda pics, this is a very interesting post...

  2. Agreed, Josie! I, also, do not weep about Miranda. I applaud her, yes. I am conscious she is a model, and has awesome genes, and employs staff to cook her meals, look after her child [although something tells me she'd NEVER admit to that], and train her to whittle down [and that's already easier for her than for the rest of us].

    But jealous of her? 'Hate' her? 'Angry' at her. No. Ever.