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Thursday 6 October 2011

Kmart recreates celebrity looks with Penny Chic's Shauna Miller

Planning a trip to Kmart this weekend?

You should.

Kmart has such an extensive, excellent range instore right now that you can recreate celebrity looks from scratch - for a snip of the price.

Kmart's relaunch at their Broadway, Sydney store this week was such a pleasure to attend: such energy and positivity around the brand's new direction and image - with good reason... they truly deliver the goods.

Think $10 skinny jeans [I now own a pair and loooove them!], $4 thongs [whhhhyyyy are people paying almost $40 for them!], $6 men's tees, and... $2 kitchen gadgets. That last bit was random, but it kinda excited me, too.

The runway show at the launch showcased the looks of Miranda Kerr, Chris and Liam Hemsworth, Elle Macpherson, Hugh and Ava Jackman, and Naomi Watts, and recreated them with amazingly similar clothing and accessories for far less dosh.

The outfits as interpreted by Kmart (pictured here) are:

Miranda Kerr’s look for only $55 - dress $19, shoes $29, bangles $7: TOTAL $55.

Chris and Liam Hemsworth’s looks for only $39 and $51 respectively - Chris: shirt $15, tee $6, jeans $10, shoes $8 = TOTAL $39; Liam: shirt $15, jeans $19, shoes $8, belt $9 = TOTAL $51.

Elle Macpherson’s look for only $55 - dress $29, shoes $19, earrings $7 (3 pack): TOTAL $55.

Hugh Jackman and his daughter, Ava’s looks for only $103 and $41 respectively - Hugh: tee $6, jumper $25, jeans $19, belt $9, shoes $15, sunglasses $10, watch $19. And Ava: top $8, skirt $10, leggings $6, socks $5 (pack of 3), shoes $12, TOTAL $41 - and scooter: $20.

Naomi Watts’s look for only $113: tank $6, lace top $19, cardigan $19, red shorts $19, sling bag $15, wedges $35: TOTAL: $113.

Hop into your Kmart store and check it all out. You will be seriously shocked - in a good way - by your fashion finds.

And, sure, invest in some exy pieces to complement your outfit.

It doesn't mean that the investment piece is 'dead'.

Says Shauna Miller from http://pennychic.com/ - blogger extraordinaire flown here from the US to give her take on Kmart's new direction [see my previous post at http://josiesjuice.blogspot.com/2011/10/kmart-fashion-at-low-prices-shauna.html]:

"No, I don’t think the idea of an investment piece is dead. People ask me, 'what are your must-haves?' And I list a little black dress, a good pair of jeans, and then the last thing is always: what turns you on.

"And if that’s an investment piece, then use that surplus money saved on that thing. For me, I love shoes. I do - it’s a weakness and that's gonna be the item that I spurge a little bit more on.

"But you know, don’t have someone tell you what should splurge on.

"If it’s something that’s really unique as a piece, then yes, think about it. But if it doesn't get you going... then leave it."

True words, those!

Right now I am dreaming up ways to wear my new Kmart dark blue skinnies... oh, the possibilities!

For more, see: http://www.kmart.com.au/

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