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Sunday 9 October 2011

'The Slap': would you slap someone else's child?

Smacking another person's child?

Would you ever do it?

No doubt at some point we've all muttered "that child needs a good slap".

Especially before you become a parent and judgement levels on how to parent are at an all-time high... oh yes, been there.

But would you ever actually do it?

That's the premise - among myriad others - behind the sensational new Australian ABC TV drama 'The Slap', named after the book by Australian author Christos Tsiolkas.

The first episode of the eight part series screened this week (need to catch up? Go here:

'The Slap' screens every Thursday at 8.30pm on ABC 1.

Here is the trailer:

And tonight, Christos Tsiolkas will be profiled on ABC TV's Compass, at 10pm.

So... would you?

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