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Tuesday 11 October 2011

Women's Stuff: Kaz Cooke's new book

Described as a book that is "all about cutting the crap and giving you the info you need to enjoy your life the best way you can – and to take back your beauty, your body and your brain", this new tome (and I do mean 'tome' - it's massive!) is a must-read for all women.


Devoid of fluff and filled with the good stuff, it's laced with the typical wit you’d expect from Kaz Cooke, author of 'Up the Duff', 'Kidwrangling' and 'Girl Stuff'.

'Women’s Stuff' has everything you need to know about confidence, body image, eating, health, boobs, hairy bits (oh yes), love, heartbreak, sex, health, wrinkle creams, cosmetic surgery, friends, sleep, home, false eyelashes, and much more.

'Women’s Stuff' goes above and beyond; it explains how to become confident, be healthier, feel gorgeous, accept your body, eat without guilt, deal brilliantly with busybodies and bullies in any situation, embrace optimism, avoid rip-offs, pick the right partner, decide when and whether to try to get pregnant, fight with the in-laws, tackle bad feelings, make a relationship better or escape a bad one, enjoy sex, be happily single, find fulfilling work and purpose, get through grief and other bad times or problems, decide on and follow a dream, assess the uses and risks of cosmetic procedures, choose a moisturiser that won’t break the bank, judge which natural remedies or medication might be useless, get more sleep, deal with any health problems, and understand all your hormonal happenings.

And it lives up to expectations: it's written in extensive consultation with more than 100 medical, psychological and other practical experts and informed by over 7,000 real women who responded to an online research survey.

It's hefty: with more than 700 pages, in an easy-to-use index and a user-friendly design featuring Kaz’s colourful illustrations, Women’s Stuff is THE go-to-guide for all women, of any age.

For a Q & A with the inimitable Kaz Cooke, go here: http://josiesjuice.blogspot.com/2011/10/kaz-cooke-q-womens-stuff.html

'Women's Stuff is available now, RRP $59.95 (though I have seen it onsale this week for far less - snap up a copy now!).

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