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Monday 10 October 2011

Marriage equality: campaign by GetUp and Australian Marriage Equality

Have you seen the new marriage equality ad?


It was produced to support the campaign by GetUp and Australian Marriage Equality to strive for marriage equality, encouraging people to make a real difference by signing the petition and emailing and meeting your local MP.

I am a huge supporter of marriage equality.

Several of my gay friends are getting married or are wanting to, and it really hit home to me when I discovered a young relative of mine is gay (well, I always knew and I am sure, so did he) and found myself hoping he can find love and keep it and marry his partner if he wanted to one day.

It's as simple as that.

Here is the ad I first saw during this year's broadcast of the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. As a mother of twins, and a supporter of gay marriage, I must say it affected me greatly:

And, in case you missed it, this piece by my friend and ex-work colleague Drew Sheldrick is one of the best pieces you will read about the issue. Click right here for this piece.

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