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Sunday 9 October 2011

And then the PR guy called me “a f*cking bitch”.

No, not me.

But this blogger: http://thebloggess.com/

This post is too good not to share.

If you're in PR and haven't heard about this, you will soon.

The gist: a PR rep from a US PR company (okay, I will name and shame - it's BrandLink Communications - only because the author does) sends an email to the blogger, the blogger sends a cheeky reply, and then one of the company's VPs hits reply-all (including the blogger) with this pearler:

"What a fucking a bitch!"

There's a fair amount to this back story.

And if you're in the media industry, it's a [rather hilarious] must-read:

What's your PR horror story?

Are you on either side of the coin - blogger or PR - and would you be willing to spill? Go on...

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