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Friday 28 October 2011

Jeannie Mai and 'How Do I Look?' launch event - and big reveal filming - TONIGHT!

Last night was the launch event for the new season of US smash hit makeover show 'How Do I Look?' - to screen in Australia on Thursdays on the Style channel on Foxtel and Austar, starting November 3 at 7.30pm.

Special guest was of course show's host, the inimitable Jeannie Mai, the most bubbly, genuine, beautiful-inside-and-out celebrity I have ever come across.

Taking the opportunity to have a one-on-one chat with all her guests, Jeannie remembered names, occupations, like and dislikes... it was extraordinary.

Flying across with her was a Style network exec named Taylor, whom I chatted with, as well as her fabulous makeup artist (Jeannie sported THE most dazzling lips I have ever seen - more on that in a future blog post), and the obligatory big, burly bodyguard.

The event was also the first red carpet launch which Josie's Juice readers were given the opportunity to attend.

Three readers were able to bring along their guests and enjoy the event. I can vouch that Alyson, Elle, and Nessa had the opp to meet their idol. And I can vouch that they are HUGE fans.

In fact, Elle is off to see the 'big reveal' taping this evening at the Cargo Hall, Corner of George and Argyle Streets, The Rocks, between 8pm - 9.30pm.

This 'reveal' is the last leg in the special taping of an Australian makeover candidate for the show. Taylor was telling me all about her last night and she sounds like a 'corker' case - someone very much in need of a makeover, whose transformation happened not only on the outside, it extended to the inside, too.

This very special Australian episode will air as the season twelve finale, on Thursday, February 16, 2012 at 7.30pm, only on the Style channel.

If you're keen to witness the big reveal to be filmed this evening head to the Cargo Hall tonight!

Photo credit: Darren Leigh Roberts Photography

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  1. where is Jeannie Mai's blue dress from?