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Friday 14 October 2011

Rhian Touches Herself: Male Cancer Awareness Campaign

Have you seen this just released ad campaign?

UK 'glamour model' Rhian Sugden heads a new campaign for the charity Male Cancer Awareness Campaign (MCAC) in which she... well, you have to watch to see exactly what she does.

What did you think?

Too risque?

Or just the amount of shock value to get the message across?

MCAC was set up in 2005 by Patrick Cox after he suffered a testicular cancer scare.
Patrick, Chief Executive at MCAC, said:
"This is without doubt the boldest and most daring testicular cancer awareness video we have ever seen.
"We are the bold and daring charity and we are hugely proud of this important film. Our aim is to educate young men about the need to check themselves for testicular cancer, a subject treated with a degree of awkwardness. By using our brand ambassador Rhian Sugden to dramatic effect we hope to cut-through the usual cancer messages that young men face."
Directed by renowned director/photographer Rankin, both director and agency created this project entirely pro bono.
At time of publishing this piece, the ad had received over 1 million hits on YouTube.

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