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Saturday 8 October 2011

Kim Kardashian - The Wedding telecast on E!

So, yeah... there is a wedding being telecast in a few days which has captured worldwide attention.

That would probably be because the PR machine behind this family - the Kardashians - has most certainly rewritten the rules on the art of self-promotion.

This family is very, very good at it.

A reality show, spin-off shows, licensing deals, fragrances, the list is endless.

They are capable - thankfully - of being clever enough to take the piss, too.

See, the funny video below from their recent appearance on 'Ellen' recently.

Admirably, today Kim - who is running a comp to award a couple a dream wedding - took a stand against cyber bullying incited as a result of this comp:

Over-exposed, overdone, over-the-top, the phrase "famous for being famous" could well have been invented for the Kardashians. They will harp on about "how hard they work" but you and I know that it's not the kind of hard work you and I are used to.

But does it matter? To me, no.

I just like to lap it and watch, (and judge... c'mon, you're doing it too) like everyone else.

I like to see what Kim is wearing today and how she expertly camouflages that ample Armenian ass, and how she does her hair and makeup because sometimes I am shallow like that. So shoot me.

With the worldwide fan base every single Kardashian (and Jenner!) family member has generated you can bet the telecast of the two-part wedding - this Tuesday and Wednesday - will rate its socks off, especially in the US.

‘Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event’ premieres Tuesday, October 11 at 8.30pm and Wednesday, October 12 at 8.30pm, only on E!

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