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Monday 3 October 2011

'Housos': SBS show starts Monday October 24. Interview with Paul Fenech

Did you hear the hoo-haa earlier this year surrounding the new Aussie TV show 'Housos'?

And watch this show preview:

Get set for more of the same in the next few weeks, with a confirmation date just set for the controversial new show - to start on Monday October 24 at 10pm, on SBS.

I spoke with series creator Paul Fenech - the man also behind the equally controversial series 'Pizza' - about what to expect from 'Houss'.

Asked why this kind of humour works, Paul says: "Bogan jokes are the funniest in Oz right now, and I thought a TV show - full of trashy Aussies - would be great.

"We filmed several months ago. I visualised Shazza and Dazza - the awful Aussie couple in the show - and their mates around a housing commission community. And because we have a huge ensemble from 'Pizza' and 'Swift & Shift Couriers' it was easy to find people to play these characters," continues Paul.

I point out to Paul that some of the locations are a hop, skip, and a jump from where I live, a nice community full of lovely homes... and some, not so lovely.

An amused Paul says: "Locations were chosen just on looks; we needed crappy looking houses that looked like housing commission homes, and Sydney's West has plenty of crappy houses."

With 'A Current Affair' and 'Today Tonight' most certainly set to film stories surrounding the show's premiere, Paul is quick to give gratitude for stories like this one:

And this one:

Says Paul: "A Current Affair and Today Tonight were awesome publicity - thanks, you stooges!"

He's also likely to call social commentators - who are no doubt prepping their attack on the show - "stooges". Paul is well prepared for the negative onslaught.

"No, it won't be surprising. What a lot of TV makers and 'political' people don’t realise is that most people aren't represented in the media. So for the under-represented people, just getting a look in can be extremely satisfying for them."

Asked about the show's message, Paul says: "No, there is no real message."

"We just take the piss out of how hard it is when you’re at the bottom of the barrel in today’s Australia, but at the same time, we joke about the mentality of long-term unemployed people. Some people spend more effort on not working than just simply getting a job…"

And you can bet some Aussies - likely to be those who have a penchant for talk-back radio - will voice their 'concerns' about the show after the first ep screens. You have been warned.

'Housos' starts on Monday October 24 at 10pm, on SBS.

Photo credits: Tony Mott.

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