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Wednesday 19 October 2011

The Premise by Drambuie: 'The Dispensary'

Following a succession of innovative and original entries, Drambuie announced 'The Dispensary' as the triumphant winner of 'The Premise' 2011 competition www.thepremise.com.au

Victorious winners Matilda Swan, 23 and Simon Connett, 24 created their vision for a very cool apothecary-inspired bar, thanks to Drambuie’s rich history in folklore as a medicinal elixir.

As winners of The Premise, the duo received a $10,000 cash prize and were given a bar manager, security, alcohol supplies, bar equipment, bar facilities and staff, absolutely everything they will need to run The Premise.

"As the Drambuie story goes, Bonnie Prince Charles Stuart requested the Royal Apothecary to develop a mysterious elixir of expensive, rare, and delicious herbs and spices to keep up his hopes and strengths during battle” says Simon. “The idea of creating a traditional apothecary, with a modern twist, evoked powerful design qualities for us, as well as tying in perfectly with the Drambuie story. Our bar will be a stylish and exclusive dispensary, set in a spectacular location that is designed to attract Sydney’s elite, where the Drambuie elixir can be tasted, savoured and dispensed once more.

“We want to showcase the intricate details and ambience of ‘The Dispensary’ throughout the drinks menu also, with a selection of delicious Drambuie cocktails featuring fresh herbs and fruits” Matilda adds. “Many of these herbs we want to hand grow in the bar itself to stay true to the rich traditions of apothecary. Each of these exclusive concoctions will be versatile, making them perfect for both the cooler or warmer weather on stunning Sydney Harbour.”

Matt Thurlow, Spokesperson for Drambuie says: “Simon and Matilda have developed a creative and exclusive bar concept inspired by the Drambuie brand values of passion and mystery and we’re sure Sydney-siders are going to have a lot of fun visiting this venue!”.

Log on to The Premise Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/ThePremise to follow the build of ‘The Dispensary’.

Visiting the venue on opening night was quite the experience - boarding a water taxi at the Man O' War steps (near the Sydney Opera House) and enjoying the five minute ride across the harbour, to then alight at the floating bar with a difference.

Enjoy the experience before it disappears - it will be operational until Saturday October 22, 2011.

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