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Friday 30 September 2016

Sushi With A Twist: FOOD REVIEW

If you love sushi, then a visit to Sushi With A Twist is a MUST!

It's not your standard sushi plates on a sushi conveyer belt, though - it's a truly unique taste sensation worth travelling for.

I'm not a Woollahra local but this place could easily become my sushi haunt... every single plateful is so fresh and delicious, and the menu items are unique. Not your run of the mill sushi here.

Think: a prosciutto, fig, and Gorgonzola sushi. YES. So delicious. The flavour combo is kinda insane, and just works.

The 'Lion King': fried leek, soft shell crab, salmon, and cream cheese. Uh huh. If you're a soft shell crab aficionado like I am, this dish is a must.

The 'Harmony' tatar: salmon belly, scallop and wasabi citrus dressing. So fresh and more-ish. Stop and one plate... not possible.

Josie's Juice has been lucky to dine at Sushi With A Twist twice so far, with more visits planned.

Here is more of the menu below, but first, some droolworthy pics:

Here's what you can order from the kitchen

Vegetable chips 4.0
Gyoza wagyu and pork 5.0
Gyoza seafood 5.0
Teriyaki salmon 9.0
Teriyaki chicken (Free range) 9.0
Chicken breast karage (Free range) 7.0
Rock prawn & honey chips 9.0
Katai prawn 9.0
Agedashi tofu 5.0
Cuttle sh tempura 5.0
Nasu dengaku
(Eggplant with sweet miso sauce) 7.0

Slow cooked pork belly kakuni 7.0
Green warm salad
(Snow pea, green bean and brocolli) 4.0

Mushroom salad 7.0

Salmon (4pc) 5.0 king sh (3pc) 5.0 Tuna (3pc) 5.0

Bulgogi beef 7.0 Spicy creamy prawn 7.0
Lion king (Soft shell crab, cream cheese, salmon & fried leek) 9.0
Mango crab 9.0
Thai-ger prawn (Crab salad, king prawn, asparagus & thai salad) 9.0
Prosciutto & g 9.0
Daily chirashi don
(Sashimi, vegetebales & sushi rice) 5.0

Kingfish carpaccio 12.0
Snapper carpaccio 9.0
Seafood ceviche 9.0
Salmon with jalapeño dressing 12.0
Tuna tataki (Seared tuna, avocado, cherry tomato & lotus chip) 9.0
Harmony tatar (Salmon belly, scallop & wasabi citrus dressing) 9.0

Edamame salt 4.0 Edamame spicy 5.0

White kimchi 4.0
Vegetable pickle Seaweed lover salad 5.0

Here is more from our first visit to Sushi With A Twist, below, but first some details:

Their website is here: http://www.sushiwithatwist.com.au

Follow them on Instagram here.

Follow them on Facebook here.

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