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Monday 2 August 2010


That's right, peeps! The savvy PR folks behind Marie Claire Australia have just this second sent these exclusive images straight to moi... and now you get to see - FIRST! - some too-gorgeous-for-words photos from the 15th anniversary issue, out this Wednesday 4th August.

Make no mistake - this issue will be a cracker, and a must-have for any girl who loves fashion, a collector's issue, and strong feature stories... ker-ching! This has all three, and more!

Marie Claire’s success is undoubtedly a direct result of the vision and dedication of editor/publisher Jackie Frank, the woman who has steered the magazine since its launch. Frank says of this important milestone, “Marie Claire is such an exciting brand, and because it is a reflection of the lives of women it is forever evolving. From women’s issues and campaigns for change through to beautiful fashion, Marie Claire continues to inspire me – and I hope Australian women.”

As anyone who has worked in magazines will tell you, the team behind the glossy exterior is of paramount importance to making it all come together - just like a cohesive fashion collection. The Marie Claire team are a fabulous bunch, delivering zeitgeist news and features and on-trend fashion, often before anyone else. And I am thrilled to have contributed for them last year... see the high class brothel story on my 'Published Work' page. It was a huge thrill to have been a small part of such an icon in the world of women's magazines.

Don't forget to grab an issue of the 15th birthday edition of Marie Claire this Wednesday.


  1. Wow Josie, how cool! Thanks for sharing, Leigh xxx

  2. got the new MC and your blog.. sorted
    PS twins! hats off to you sista x

  3. Thanks, Leigh! I was beyond thrilled to show readers of this blog a l'il sneak peek first! If you're a mag addict like I am, this is big deal... :)
    Hey Chris, oh my, it's been too long! Thanks for the 'follow' and yes, twins... madness. But good... x