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Friday 20 August 2010

ADS I LIKE: Commonwealth Bank

I am really not a huge fan of bank ads. I mean, they don't save lives; they loan money and charge you a premium price to pay it back. There have been many bank ads which have annoyed me big-time of late. Westpac teaching kids about money. Commonwealth Bank promising to call you back (oh, gee... thanks). ANZ's Barbara living in 'bank world' is annoyingly fun.

But this one... ah, brilliant!

And somehow, a bulldog with a Cockney accent is infinitely funnier than a dog with an Aussie twang (one of my friends, visiting Tuscany this week, swears she heard a dog barking in Italian...)

I must add though I went to a Commonwealth branch on Monday: took 20 long minutes. By then the bulldog could definitely have done 100...


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