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Friday 20 August 2010

Samantha Wills - look what I bought!

This arrived at my door today. It's a Samantha Wills bracelet called 'my boyfriend's back', and it features handcast antique bronze religious charms. I wore it with a red trench coat and my gosh I'm in love. It'll go perfectly with the plethora of nude-toned clothes I have.

I must admit to squealing when I received it. I am not at all into online shopping - I am more a touchy feely buyer who really must fondle new wares before I part with cash - but I can see the attraction of www-shopping. Who doesn't love a little parcel arriving with their name on it?

I had my Madison magazine gift-with-subscription voucher from Samantha Wills begging to be spent, and decided on this piece. My next voucher will have to wait until the Spice Market collection becomes available in October.

This bracelet retails for $79 and is available online. See: www.samanthawills.com.au/detail/my-boyfriends-back-bracelet

And go here for the full range: www.samanthawills.com.au

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