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Monday 16 August 2010

EXCLUSIVE! Samantha Wills new range

On Thursday I had the pleasure of seeing the new Samantha Wills collection called 'Spice Market', or 'Le Marché D'épice' at their Sydney HQ with their new, lovely in-house PR Colette Harvey.

There were the shiny baubles and wearable trinkets, all laid out and glistening in the sunlight, and for someone who is definitely more than obsessed with gorgeous accessories, this was visual nirvana.

Colette - an ex-Madison magazine girl who knows style when she sees it - told me that Samantha herself journeyed the back streets of Paris, Hong Kong, New York, and Marrakesh, drawing inspiration from the unique character and style of each city. On her return, Samantha had suitcases filled with turquoise, crystal, vintage treasures and colourful ropes of silk and cotton.

As you can see from the beautiful pieces above, all these juxtaposing elements were married to create this stunning collection.

Says Samantha: "When I was designing my most recent collection I was inspired by the aesthetic contrast I discovered during my recent travels, especially the contrasts between polished Manhattan chic and the raw qualities, texture and colours found in a Moroccan spice market. When wearing jewellery I always like to play with the combinations of pieces and wear both glamorous and earthy elements at the same time - I think it is quite a modern way to wear jewellery and I wanted this fresh approach to be reflected in this collection."

The collection includes exquisitely detailed marcasite paired unexpectedly with turquoise stones; there are necklaces, earrings and rings embellished with smoke, amber, and rose crystals. And then there are bold cuffs and bracelet sets (the seven-piece bracelet set up top is my absolute fave; somehow the contrasting pieces work so well together and you can break it up for different outfits). And there are layered necklaces comprised of Swarovski crystals, rope, tiny bells and accents of coral, turquoise and lapis lazuli.

The collection is in store October 2010, but I couldn't wait to show you now - first! See http://www.samanthawills.com.au/ or visit David Jones stores and selected boutiques nationally. If you're itching to buy a Samantha Wills piece ASAP (I am! I have some vouchers begging to be spent), head to the site to see other gorgeous pieces on offer, and see who has been spotted wearing her jewellery, including two of my fave celebs, Eva Mendes and Katy Perry.

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