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Sunday 8 August 2010

Parenthood - the series

The formidable film-making team of Ron Howard and Brian Grazer (A Beautiful Mind) are the brains behind this new US series, taking its name - and inspiration - from the smash hit 1989 film.

A tad slow to start (or maybe I was trying hard to stay focused watching preview disks when my two-and-a-bit twins were scooting in and out!) the family issues, hang ups, and neuroses come thick and fast by the end of the first episode, when you're pretty much happily entangled in all their baggage. Because we don't have enough of our own, right?

I won't give much away (you'll have to watch) though it's clear the objective of the writers is to throw as many true-to-life curve balls in the face of the extended family of characters. This is the story of the Bravermans - Sarah, Adam, Crosby, and Julia - four grown siblings sharing the headaches and heartaches (and huge joys) of being a parent. Six Feet Under's Peter Krause is a stand-out, as is Gilmore Girls' Lauren Graham.

Plotlines include dealing with a child's diagnosis with Asperger's, dodging commitment, finding out about a secret biological son, getting busted with weed, dating as a single mother... and more.

In the US, the first season of Parenthood was up against The Good Wife and came out on top by season’s end, averaging 8.1 million viewers overall for its 13 episode (source: Variety 26/6/10). Impressive; let's see if Australian audiences warm to the Bravermans too. Parenthood starts this Tuesday, August 10 at 9.30pm on the Seven Network.

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