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Tuesday 24 August 2010

Miss Universe - 2010

I love beauty pageants - there, I said it.

There is something about all the glamour, the pretty dresses and the perfect hair, the contrived speeches and yes, the swimsuit parade that makes me wanna... grab a big bag of potato chips. I kid; I actually find it strangely inspiring.

These women have spent weeks, probably months, getting all primped and perfected to within an inch of their lives, and frankly, I find looking at beautiful women very appealing. So shoot me.

Miss Australia, Jesinta Campbell, took on the most beautiful women in the world in the ultimate beauty contest held at Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas.

Spoiler alert!

She came in as third runner-up. She also scored the Miss Congeniality gong. Very cute.

With contestants representing over 80 countries, it's a fight to the death for who will win the sparkly crown.

Can I spoil it for you?

You probably already know: Miss Mexico won the title of Miss Universe. Hurrah for her.

Hosted by Bret Michaels (yes, and his bandanna) and Natalie Morales from US Today show, you can watch the entire ceremony, hot off the satellite, from 7pm tonight on 7Two.

Photo credits: Getty images (Miss Mexico) and Reuters (Miss Australia)

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