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Wednesday 18 August 2010


The September 2010 issue of Rolling Stone magazine, featuring the cast of so-hot-right-now hit show True Blood, is out and it's causing quite the stir. Never mind the blood-covered bods (who is the creative genius behind this concept?) it's the nudity that's raaacy.

Oh wait, they've been doing this for yonks. Yep, check out the nudie Rolling Stone covers over the years. The first, probably most controversial nude cover was that with John Lennon in a foetal-position with Yoko Ono, back in 1981. The covers then got consistently naked from 1992, with the Red Hot Chili Peppers cover heralding this change in direction. From then, plenty of stars got their gear off. My fave - and I still have it - is the Cindy Crawford cover shot by Herb Ritts for the December 1993 issue.
Ah yes. Naked still sells.

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