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Saturday 14 August 2010

Victoria's Secret Store - the first in Australia!

Yes, that's right! The first Victoria's Secret store in Australia is now open. If you're like me and are a little obsessed with the brand - their catalogues feature insanely gorgeous models including Miranda Kerr and Alessandra Ambrosio and they have so many variations of sexy bras and undies - you'll be stoked.

Only one thing: the store is in the newly refurbished Sydney airport international duty-free shopping precinct so you have to be an overseas traveller to be able to buy. 

Which was a complete tease for me as I have been wanting to be in the presence of VS wares (told you I was obsessed) since I bought up big at the Caesars Palace store in Las Vegas years ago.

This Sydney store only sells undies/panties/zexy duds (there are no change rooms) and a plethora of VS-branded beauty and bath products. Oh, and cute trinkets like keyrings - which I have just convinced a flying friend to buy for me.

What are you waiting for, peeps? If you're flying soon, and you love this brand, allow time to shop here... oh, and can you get me some stuff? I'm a size... um... bootylicious!


  1. Hey if you can't get to Sydney...go to www.secretsonsale.com.au they have Victoria's Secret bras, panties and lip gloss!

  2. did your store ever come out with any mini dogs like the stores do in the states? thanks very much....nancy