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Tuesday 24 August 2010

And the new X-Factor host is...

Channel Seven has replaced the troubled star Matthew Newton with Home & Away star Luke Jacobz as X Factor host.

The last minute replacement for the show, which goes to air next Monday, comes after news yesterday that Newton was off the show for 'health reasons.'

Details are emerging today about exactly what happened between Newton and ex-girlfriend Rachel Taylor on holiday in Rome. And it's far from pretty. Many commentators today have been weighing in on Newton's decision to join the show so soon after he emerged from his recent stint in re-hab.

Right now, the show no doubt presents a logistical and PR nightmare: what to do with the filmed-months-ago footage of Newton (obviously, they'll run it) and downplaying the bad press associated with the star - and the show.

For his part, Jacobz said: “I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of the The X Factor – I’m raring to go. It’s a big opportunity, and I feel very blessed to be on board.”

Much has been made of the Fremantle Media production - touted as the most expensive in Australia's TV history - and this news on Newton has dealt the show a very low blow... before it even gets off the ground. Let's wait and see what the ratings will bring The X Factor in weeks to come.

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