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Monday 1 November 2010

Ah, Monica! Bellucci on Italian Vanity Fair cover again

Italian actress Monica Bellucci has bared her bod once again for Vanity Fair Italia, in the November 3 issue.

She's obv a fan of the iconic mag - and getting her designer clothes off. She last appeared when she was six months pregnant with second daughter, Léonie.

And the sultry actress posed nude for the mag in 2004 while pregnant with her first child.

In the November 2010 issue, she says:

"When I had my first child (Deva) at 39 I was told that if I wanted another I should try straight away but I wasn't ready.

"Eventually I decided that I was and I wanted one straight away but babies are not like movies and cannot be organised in a hurry.

''Women who have children late like me are always told how brave they are and it's true that the older you are the more risks you run both for the child and yourself.

"But I don't feel brave I just feel very lucky. I already have a healthy daughter who I gave birth to in Umbria like an ordinary farm wife.

"Being photographed is a way of getting to know yourself," she added. "And I'm dying to know who I am, for better or worse."

And on the cover, she gives her gorgeous newborn a message: "Dear Léonie, mum is ageing, and she is happy to be feeling like a ripe pear."

Sounds better in Italian.

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