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Friday 26 November 2010

Barbie for Diva: for little divas (my daughter, for starters)

Can't Stop Must Shop.

This is the message from one of the necklaces from the Barbie for Diva range.

Will it create a shopaholic child/adult.

Will it give me - and plenty of mums with a sense of humour - a real good laugh.

For sure.
All the range is trademark Barbie, with the famed logo, splashes of hot pink, heels and cute motifs central to the range.

I unashamedly want it all!
Not for me, silly.
For my almost three year old daughter Estella.

Am I creating an accessory-obsessed child/adult?

You betcha. And I love that.

More about the range:

Fashion’s most beloved and iconic pink princess is available in Diva stores nationally right now, with the new Barbie accessories range. Barbie has been a global trend setter since the 60s and the Diva brand is so beyond to launch the Barbie accessories range. The range will consist of bangle sets, charmed bracelets, tiffany style silver chain necklaces and bracelets, 60s inspired earrings and necklaces, adorable stud earring packs with little shoes and lipsticks and many more cute accessories. The new Barbie range is about all the things that girls love – fashion, friends, shoes and of course the colour pink...

For more, see http://www.diva.net.au/

1 comment:

  1. Really lovely designs...All the ornaments ar very stylish.Love thhise barbie earings in the top most picture.