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Friday 26 November 2010

Bondi Short Film Festival 2010

With 100 per cent Australian content, the Bondi Short Film Festival is considered a launch pad for young filmmakers and attracts hundreds of entries from across the nation each year.

And it's happening this Saturday November 27 at the Bondi Pavilion.

From over 250 submissions, 14 finalists have been chosen. The judges will preside over the 14 finalist films which include powerful dramas, cutting edge documentaries and quirky comedies. Each will be considered for seven award categories including: Showtime Movie Channels Best Film, Getty Images Best Cinematography, Firestick Wines Best Actor, Spectrum Film Best Design, Concrete Playground Best Script, The Coady Group Best Music, and Barons Brewing People’s Choice.

The line-up of highly regarded judges include a fantastic blend of film industry veterans and the next crop of inspired young talent. They include screenplay writer Anna-Maria Monticelli (Disgrace, starring John Malkovich), young up and coming actress Krew Boylan (Four, Dream The Life), film critic Marc Fennell (triple J), director Gregor Jordan (Buffalo Soldiers, Two Hands), and creator of the YouTube short film phenomenon (Beached Az), Nicholas Boshier.

Here is the list of finalists:

Pop – Directed by Tobias Andersson
Scruples – Directed by Adrian Powers
Minnie Loves Junior – Directed by Andy Mullins and Matt Mullins
Painful Bliss – Directed by Caitlan O’Connor
Third & Fourth – Directed by Alex Barnes
Eskimo Kiss – Directed by Dustin Feneley
Permanence – Directed by Ko Eto
Zero – Directed by Christopher Kezelos
MAD – Directed by Meryl Tankard
Lillie – Directed by David Joshua Ford
Shiny Thing – Directed by Lisa Gloufchis
The Time We Are Given – Directed by Timothy Baker
Happenstance – Directed by John Marsh
The Tragedy of Gerald Berdmen – Directed by Spencer Harvey and Lloyd Harvey

See the website for more info:


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