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Thursday 11 November 2010

Miranda Kerr: see the uncensored pregnant pic here

Miranda Kerr looks luscious, gorgeous.

She is at that beautiful stage of pregnancy when the bump is pronounced and obvious, but still not large enough for that stage women get to, called, "Get this baby out of me now."

Now, I applaud her for stripping down and showing what mother nature can do. It is glorious and natural and wonderful. But why the hoo-haa over her naked pics from rather recent modelling days? Is it because camp Kerr-Bloom want to control the images 'out there?'

Interesting. Thoughts?

To see the uncensored pic, go here:



  1. I blogged about this too :)
    I think the photo is gorgeous.

  2. Thanks, Stella!
    Tell us about your blog so I can share...