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Saturday 6 November 2010

Party of the Year: Social Diary Christmas Party 2010

What to say about the Social Diary Christmas party held on Thursday November 4 at Sydney's King Street Wharf Bungalow 8 other than: it was THE party of the year, and the best, wildest, loudest, most well attended (and wettest) event Social Diary has ever thrown.

With Nando's burgers, sushi, fish and chip boxes, Gelatissimo mini cones, and more, served up by bare-chested blokes from Topless Events, and all washed down with Cointreau cocktails, Peroni beer, Kilikanoon wine, POM juices and Fiji water (one alco drink, one water, one alco drink, one water, people!), Gorgeous Cosmetics makeovers, a funky photo booth, a crazy jumping castle, and EVERY single guest dressed up in the 'sleepover' theme (think: a few Hugh Hefs, a Freddy Kreuger, suspender-ed girls, pyjama-ed boys, and v.cool themed music positively pumping (even In Bed With Madonna on loop on every TV screen), it was the party to end all parties.

Until the hostess, the inimitable Tiffany Farrington (founder of media/PR/journo website Social Diary) tops it again next year. A night to remember... and one we ALL won't forget!

PHOTOS: Esteban La Tessa and Jason Catlett. Thanks to Tiffany for permission to reproduce.

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