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Thursday 18 November 2010

The 'C' Word. Yeah, that one.

Did you watch the MTV Europe Music Awards a few days ago?

I did - and when I watched it back properly I was a little gobsmacked when I saw Slash saunter onstage. I did a swift double take at the t-shirt the Guns N' Roses guitarist was wearing in front of a worldwide audience to present an award.

There it was for all to see: emblazoned on a rockstar-black tee was the word "cunt" followed by "the real thang", illustrated using the same 'ribbon device' - and similar font - to Coke.

Now, I'm far from prudish and it's certainly not a word I say around the house (in traffic, well that's another story... I'm kidding, I'm kidding) but still... we're going mainstream with this word now?

I recall the first time I heard the word on primetime telly... whoa! My jaw was... all the way down there. It was one of the first Sex & The City episodes, in 1998 - entitled 'The Power of Female Sex' - when Charlotte goes to visit a rustic, revered artist (played by Charles Keating) on his farm to view his latest works.

There in his barn, he announces to Charlotte that his upcoming exhibition will be about "the cunt".

He says that "the truth was to be found only in the cunt".

To top it off, his conservative looking wife enters with a tray of lemonade and cookies and declares to Charlotte, "I bet you have a beautiful cunt, dear."

You can watch the clip here:

Another mob who have no qualms using the c-word is the British duo behind Modern Toss.

Here are some of their shining examples using that word:

What do you think about using the c-word? Should it be, er, kept under wraps...?

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