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Monday 29 November 2010

EMU Australia: slippers as outdoor-wear

The slipper has been spotted out of the house!

Should this be a cause for celebration?

Or should we recoil in horror?

I am thinking the former.

I would LOVE to go out in my slippers to get the Sunday paper.

Hold up fashionistas, don't 'stone' me with your Louboutins!

I get the paper delivered... and I only have to go out the front door.

There has been much deliberation - and heated blog discussion - on whether the humble, full-length ugg boot should ever have been worn as footwear out of the comfy confines of the home.

Then along came one Pamela Anderson and turned this fashion credo on its head.

And now, actress Jessica Stroup has taken the sheepskin slipper - this one from EMU Australia - out on the street.

Where to next for the slipper, peeps? Weddings?

For these babies (called the ‘Jolie’ slipper, $79.95) and other styles, see: http://www.emuaustralia.com.au/

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