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Monday 29 November 2010

Baby swaddling: one of life's great mysteries. Enter 'Wrap Me Up'.

Ahhh, swaddling.

Before I had my twins I'd barely even heard of the term.

Yes, we went over the basics in our twin prenatal class, but the concept slightly terrified me. What if I didn't do it right? Would it mean by bubs would be destined to stay awake and be terrible sleepers - forever?

Perhaps it wasn't life or death, but it was certainly very crucial to them getting good, unsettled sleep.

It was mid December and hot. So we used calico wraps - we had about half a dozen in high rotation.

But the cheeky little bubbas knew how to wriggle themselves out of them. And this often meant they woke. Which in turn meant settling allll over again. Not fun for any new, sleep deprived. Not even borderline funny for a mum of twins.

Oh how I wish this little helper was around then.

Wrap Me Up is the original and innovatively designed, patent pending swaddle that is fast becoming the essential item for new parents - changing the way they wrap their babies.

Allowing your baby to be snuggly wrapped with their arms positioned upwards, it’s an easier, more natural way to swaddle young babies and gives your baby vital access to their hands when sleeping – important for self-development and allowing them to self soothe.

Giving babies the opportunity to self soothe means parents and bub will have much better quality sleep, with less intervention from the parent to put baby back to sleep.

A unique and ingenious design, Wrap Me Up allows babies to sleep with their arms in the wing position - a natural instinct for babies, whilst still calming startle reflex and creating that desired womb-like fit.

Launched at the start of 2010 and already tested on thousands of bubs, the innovative design boasts a genius twin zipper, allowing for sneaky nappy changes at any hour without having to wake and unwrap sleeping bub. Oh my, genius! I cannot tell you how important this is.

Other highlights include a label-free inside, inside-out seams, toggle tent and a lush neck band to ensure no irritation for the baby. There’s even seatbelt access so you can move a sleeping bub from pram to cot – a feature you will soon realise is super important for babies who travel.

Inventor of Wrap Me Up and former fashion designer, Hana Krawchuk, 32, noticed a huge gap in the market for a product like this after she had her son, who would always wriggle out of his wraps and hated having his arms bound down. Holding a 1st Class Honours Bachelor Degree in Textiles and Fashion and drawing on her experience as a former fashion designer, Hana started designing prototypes in between feeding and nappy changes. Since formally introducing the product in October 2009, the response has been overwhelming, and is now stocked in over 250 retailers nationally and internationally.

“We’ve reviewed a great deal of medical research and spoken to many experts to create a product that will benefit babies. Medical research shows that when wrapped in this position with their arms up, babies have access to their hands which not only helps them self-soothe and sleep for longer, but also can aid their development. It’s a must-have for bub, mum and dad,” said Hana.

Developed in consultation with various childcare health experts, approved by INPAA (Infant and Nursery Product Association of Australia) and supported by extensive reviews ofmedical research studies, and designed in Australia following the SIDS and KIDS safe sleep guidelines, Wrap Me Up is one of the safest swaddles on the market. Ergonomically designed, it reduces the risk of tangling in loose wraps or blankets and also means that bub will be less likely to do the sneaky wriggle.

The Wrap Me Up from Love Me Baby is available in three sizes: small (3 - 6kgs), medium (6 - 8.5kgs) and large (8.5-11kgs). Colours include: white, grey, pink, blue. RRP: $39.95.

Also available in an organic wrap using certified organic fabric RRP: $44.95.
A special summer weight Wrap Me Up LITE has been introduced for summer 2010 RRP: $41.95

For stockist details visit www.lovemebaby.com.au

For product safety information and media research references see: www.lovemebaby.com.au/loveme-baby-research.htm

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