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Tuesday 16 November 2010

Kendra: Season Three

Kendra: a book tour, a new residence, a baby, that laugh.

The seemingly ditziest of the trio of Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriends has emerged as the most, well, traditional.

Husband Hank chases his football dreams and Kendra and baby Hank follow.

But in ep one (don't worry, if you missed it, E! will repeat it throughout the week) Kendra is hanging to get her kit off again for a new Playboy cover.

As with all the E! reality shows (Kardashians, et al) not much happens, and yet lots happens and yet it barely relates to your own life and yet you can't stop watching. And so it continues...

Kendra premieres tonight, Tuesday, November 16 at 9.30pm on E!, with repeats throughout the week. Screens every Tuesday at 9.30pm on E!

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