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Wednesday 20 June 2012

All roads lead to Sex & The City. It's the new Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

I have a theory - well, it just emerged, but I am certain of it now.

All roads lead to 'Sex & The City'... And by all roads, I mean... pretty much anybody of note in Hollywood today had a start or a guest role on SATC.

Some, twice even [that's you, Justin Theroux...]

Here, let me prove my theory:

Kat Dennings - now: 'Two Broke Girls'. Was: SATC 13 year old bat mitzvah girl:

Jon Bon Jovi - now [and then] rocker god man. Then: fellow psych patient on SATC:

Vince Vaughn: pre-Jen-An, post funny flicks... he was Carrie's LA plaything [and Carrie Fisher features, too:

David Duchovny - was X-File man. Then: mental hospital patient... and Carrie's old BF:

Matthew McConauhgey as himself, workshopping Carrie's book option [love this scene]:

Kyle MacLachlan as Trey, post-Twin Peaks, pre-Desperate Housewives:

And of course John Corbett as Aidan, post-Northern Exposure:

Mikhail Baryshnikov as Aleksandr Petrovsky [post, er White Nights]::

Lucy Liu - post-Ally McBeal and pre...? [this one's fun - it's in Espanol]:

Margaret Cho - post Drop Dead Diva:

Heidi Klum as herself in that SATC fashion show, pre Project Runway:

Geri Halliwell, post-Spice Girls, pre yo-yo dieting:

Tatum O'Neal: wellll, post-Paper Moon:

Then there is: Molly Shannon, Candice Bergen, Alan Cumming, Heather Graham, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Donald Trump, Jennifer Coolidge, and loads more.

Heck, here is the whole shebang of hot famous men bedded by the SATC girls [Blair Underwood, Justin Theroux - twice, Will Arnett, Bradley Cooper, John Slattery].

Any other Sex & The City cameos you can think of? I am telling you... all roads lead to SATC - it's the new 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.'

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