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Monday 25 June 2012

Grant Hackett: 60 Minutes interview

This story makes me feel a little ill - the 60 Minutes interview with Grant Hackett. Here is a clip, courtesy of the Herald Sun:

Read more on the Herald Sun piece here:


So, what are your thoughts?

I feel sad about the whole situation: that something so private is now so public, because they are high profile identities. I feel sad for the children who may be young, but understand tension between parents. I feel sorry that Grant has not seen his children for so long. I feel sad for Candice who has had to endure something so psychologically damaging. I feel sad that a marriage has broken down, especially one with children. I feel sad that Grant felt the marriage was over but did not address it in a far better way.

Share your thoughts here.

1 comment:

  1. If he wanted it over .... man up and tell her that, don't go on an alcohol charged dummy spit tearing up your apartment. Have totally lost all respect for him. On the flip side Keiran Perkins is also going through a marriage breakup and is class personified, keeping to himself, Samantha and the kids the details ... Grant the world doesn't need to hear you air your dirty laundry. Go and have some counselling and get your head straight for the two little people you helped bring into this world, they are who are important here, not you and your poor me oh my .....

    Instead he came across I think losing further cred. Sadly, he was someone well respected by many.. Human frailties being as they are, sometimes "champions" prove that they too are all too human. What annoyed me was the attempt at the heart strings when he mentioned not seeing his children for 70 days ... They & their needs no matter what they are, are paramount .. not his & certainly not Candice's.