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Monday 25 June 2012

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis: Who magazine

The latest issue of Who magazine features Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis who, after fighting to save their 14-year relationship, finally confirmed the rumours that dogged them for months. While confirming on June 19 that they have "amicably separated," the decision wasn't made lightly, sources reveal. 

So what went wrong?

"Vanessa went seven years between albums and several years between film projects while he became Captain Jack Sparrow," a source told Who. You can read the full story in this week's issue.

On the cover is the latest group of Hollywood women who appear to be going too far in their quest for the perfect showbiz body. One rock and roll star believes her most effective diet is fish fingers and lemon water, while an actress and mum of three feels she has to "work out all the time". Find out who they are in the issue. 

And in an exclusive interview, the reality-TV Osbourne family reveal how they have been devastated by son Jack Osbourne's multiple sclerosis diagnosis, just three weeks after he welcomed his daughter, Pearl, into the world. 

"I kept thinking, 'What did I do wrong? What did I eat or drink when I was pregnant?' "an emotional Sharon Osbourne says. "I feel like it's somehow my fault." 

In an effort to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis, Sharon, Ozzy, Jack and his fiancée Lisa Stelly speak exclusively to Who about their reactions, and how Jack and Lisa's wedding is providing a positive focus for the family.

Grab the latest issue of Who magazine today. 

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