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Saturday 30 June 2012

Portrait Couture - Simona Janek shows how to do 'glamour shots' the right way

Glamour shoots. The very words conjur up these images in my head, best captured by the hilarious Ellen:

So, when I was offered the opportunity to have a photo shoot done on me, for me, only me, not kids, no props, just... me, I thought yes. I do need new profile pics. Not for my Facebook page, although I will likely be using them for that. But mainly, they would be perfect to update my social media pics so I am not using two year old photos.

Plus, the people behind the shoot - GM Photographics - well, I really love their work. Think incredibly beautiful wedding shots of Guy Sebastian and his wife Jules, and a host of too-divine, stylish photography. See more here: http://www.gmphotographics.com.au/

The woman behind the hair and makeup was to be Simona Janek, an absolute makeup genius; see her site here: http://www.simonajanek.com.au

But I had no idea until I got there that the person shooting me for the day was Simona herself! She's been learning the ropes from GM Photographics' Graham Monro - her husband - for eons, and has now mastered the art of photography herself. I was excited! The prospect of posing for a woman suddenly made me even more comfy.

Simona's company is Portrait Couture, and below... the evidence that with an incredibly talented photographer, some natural lighting, expert makeup and hair [Simona's hairdresser asked if I wanted 'high hair'... I said, "Yes! Go high!!"] and hauling half my wardrobe and accessories along for the day and surrendering to Simona styling me up, the final shots can be rather fab. Check them out, below.

This is the shot used on the Ventura Press page, my fabulous book publisher. Again, by GM Photographics and the master, Simona:

What do you think? Like them? Would you go and get new shots done for you? Or group shots of your family, or you and your partner? I LOVE the idea now, and would recommend it to anyone. I felt incredibly special and pampered, and kinda got my mojo back. 

And you know what... it's not that exy. Check the site for pricing: http://www.gmphotographics.com.au/portrait-couture/simona-janek/

1 comment:

  1. Oh, I love the Ellen clips... so very funny.

    You look great, Josie... well worth doing! TS