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Monday 4 June 2012

Nicole Kidman: Harper's Bazaar photos, June/July 2012: "They are magic, raw and full of intense love."

Every now and then a magazine spread comes along that is just... breathtaking.

The latest issue of Australian Harper's Bazaar is just that. It features Nicole Kidman in a cover shot that, according to editor Edwina McCann, was completely unplanned, totally impromptu... and utterly breathtaking.

I spoke with Edwina the day this edition came out... which also ended up being the day before it was announced she was to leave the magazine, and take over the editorship at Vogue Australia magazine.

The reactions to this cover when it hit the stands?

Edwina said at the time: "There have been incredibly positive reactions to this cover. Overwhelmingly positive

"I've never put out a cover before this one that has had this kind of emotional response.

"The feedback has been positive, especially via social media

One person even said: "I wish Nicole was on Twitter so we could tell her how much we love this cover." It's such a intense, emotional image. We’ve followed her life over the years, and it has sometimes been a rocky road for her. But this shot shows where she's at now."

The intimate family photos were taken solely for Kidman’s personal album and were not initially intended for publication. When McCann saw the images, she wanted Bazaar's readers to also experience their beauty.

“They are magic, raw and full of intense love, and clearly show her devotion to her children. I went to work convincing her they deserved to be published,” writes McCann in the issue. "That's why I felt quite passionate about explaining to people how they came about," she tells me for this interview. "I wanted to make sure people were aware of that. You get a much clearer  picture of her as a woman. She just adores those children, and she's in such a happy place. You really get this sense that she feels quite in awe of the whole experience of motherhood.

Kidman agreed to having the shots published, saying: “You can’t see their faces; they’re still protected. I feel it’s a really lovely way to celebrate being a mum and being a family.”

In fact, the Harper’s Bazaar Australia cover is a world first, with the iconic Australian actor holding her daughter Faith Margaret.

“There are covers that you know will live on forever, and not just on the coffee tables of our  Bazaar readers but in the memories of everyone who sees it. This is one such cover,” says Edwina in her editor’s letter.

The June/July 2012 issue of Harper’s BAZAAR is on sale now.

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