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Monday 11 June 2012

'Being Lara Bingle': Channel Ten reality show

'Being Lara Bingle'... the new reality show featuring model Lara Bingle is set to polarise the public even more than she already does.

Which kinda begs the question... why would you?

Here, she explains why she is doing the show to the team at 'The Project':

And here she is being scolded by her grandmother for walking around nude in her home [which resulted in suss naked pap snaps]:

And here is more from Lara with an interview with Kyle & Jackie O, explaining those nude shots:

Here is a preview for the series :

And another snippet:

So, will you watch the show?

Why? Or why not?

'Being Lara Bingle' starts on Tuesday June 12, at 8pm, and continues each Tuesday.

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