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Thursday 7 June 2012

'Bollywood Star': SBS series

Bollywood is here - every week for the next few weeks on SBS. And it promises to be a visual extravaganza. Check out some of the fabulous photos:

More about the fascinating world of Bollywood: it's twice the size of Hollywood. In fact it is the biggest movie industry in the world, with hundreds of movies made each year and 14 million Indian fans visiting the cinema each day.

And now, inspired by the huge success and influence of the Bollywood movie industry, SBS is bringing a taste of Bollywood to Australia with a brand new talent quest with a twist, called 'Bollywood Star'.

It's a fusion of the highly popular talent search format mixed in with observational documentary.

This four-part series, made for SBS by WTFN Entertainment ('Bondi Vet', 'Keeping up with the Joneses'), follows the search for an Australian Bollywood star: an unknown who will go on to win the prize of a lifetime – a part in a Bollywood movie. 

Renowned Bollywood producer and director, Mahesh Bhatt, is offering a coveted place in his next movie to one Australian, allowing them the chance to become the next Bollywood Star.

C'mon, admit it! Are you an Aussie harbouring a secret dream to make it in Bollywood? This show helps you live out your fantasy... at least watching someone else do it on telly.

To get there, they will have to come through the gruelling Australian audition process against hundreds of other hopefuls. 

Six finalists will then be selected to travel to Mumbai, where they will be trained by the best coaches Bollywood has to offer. They will also be given the crosscultural experience of being immersed into everyday Indian life, living and working in the Dharavi slums of Mumbai.

And then, in true TV comp style, only one Australian will walk away with the life-changing prize of a role in a Bollywood film.

To complement the series, SBS will also be bringing Australia SBS Bollywood Star Radio, a “pop-up” digital radio and internet streaming station that plays non-stop contemporary Bollywood hits. 

SBS Bollywood Star Radio will be on air from May 21 through to June 30, bringing fans of the show more of the music they love. The station also provides an online soundtrack to the exclusive SBS Online content at  http://www.sbs.com.au/shows/bollywoodstar

And online, you're given a Bollywood for Beginners genre guide fronted by film guy Marc Fennell and co-commissioned by SBS Film, which features participant interviews filmed at the Sydney audition; judge tips and back stories; and behind-the scenes photos.

Building a community of like-minded Bollywood fans on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, they will encourage conversations around the genre, the industry and the program.

During broadcast, audiences will get the chance to explore the participants’ journeys in more detail, with Top 6 back stories, Mumbai diaries and a follow-up webisode.

You can follow the conversation on Twitter: #BollyStarSBS

The series premiered at 7.30pm on Saturday 2 June, with a repeat of episode one on tonight at 8.30pm on SBS Two.

It then continues for the next three Saturdays at 7.30pm on SBS One. Don't miss it!

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