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Thursday 14 June 2012

'Jerseylicious: Born To Be Jerseylicious' - Gayle interview

The whole 'Jerseylicious' phenomenon has been something to behold - even the stars of the show can't believe its success.

Here, 'Josie's Juice' interviews Gayle from 'Jerseylicious: Born To Be Jerseylicious'.

Are you surprised that 'Jerseylicious' is still such a hit, and why do you think viewers relate to it so much?

Absolutely! I think anyone would be a little surprised. They are filming our everyday lives, and to think that our fan base has grown this much over the last couple of years is incredibly humbling.

Reality shows have a bad reputation that they’re scripted… how much of 'Jerseylicious' is scripted? Or is it at all?

This question always makes me laugh! Especially since so much of what is done and said on the show is so out there – who would write that?! We are all real people, in this real industry, just trying to make a living by doing what we love. This is a fair question and usually arises because the fan-favourites on the show – Tracy, Olivia and Gigi – do a ton of press for the show and are branching out in their own projects, so their availability to take appointments is limited.

What have you most learned from the whole process of filming Jerseylicious?

Balance! Over the past couple of years, I have learned to balance everything – the show, my business, my personal life. Filming is a very in-depth process and in the beginning it took a lot of getting used to. But after a few years, and four seasons, I am used to it.

Where do you see ‘Gayle from Jerseylicious’ going as a brand (what would you like to put your name to?)

Well, I am currently launching my own line of hair products, GG Gatsby, which officially launched on Tuesday May 1. These products will be available via our website www.ggGatsby.com or at www.drugstore.com.

Gatsby has a line of products developed by my late husband, Danny and myself. However, this line is all me, my baby, so I am very excited.

What’s next for you, Gayle?

Who knows?! The past few years have been such a journey. I love fashion, so in the long term, I would love to put my pulse on clothing and make-up. In the short term, I just want take some time out to enjoy life and spend time with my friends and family. Oh and take a vacation; a nice prolonged vacation.

The new series of 'Jerseylicious: Born To Be Jerseylicious' starts on Thursday, June 14 at 8.30pm only on Style, on Foxtel. It continues each Thursday.

And here is a clip of Gayle telling us a little more about her life:

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