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Sunday 17 June 2012

House of Emmanuele - Delta Goodrem's jewellery of choice for 'The Voice'

This man is the maestro behind most of Delta Goodrem's accessory looks on 'The Voice' Australia, and he spoke to Josie's Juice about why she's such a fan of this successful Australian brand.

"Delta has such an amazing spiritual essence about her, and she seems naturally drawn to pieces that come from either etheric angelic inspirations, right through to earthy tribal aztec influences.

"She is grounded yet, I believe, lives and walks in the ethers, so it makes sense for her to be inspired by accessories that translate this dual dimension.

"She is the perfect muse for any designer because anything she wears just radiates."

Indeed, all the accessory looks she has worn - from a simple ponytail holder, to the most breathtaking of Emmanuele vintage pieces - she has carried off effortlessly.

Last week, Delta donned a divine piece from the House of Emmanuele vintage collection.

Says Emmanuele of that piece: "I first created the Swarovski 'Crystal Mesh Horn Necklace' when I showcased it at Australian Fashion Week in 2005. It was part of a collection that was quite 'tribal glamazonian' in influence.

"Delta loved these vintage House of Emmanuele pieces, so I reinvented the old, with a touch of the new," he says, of updating and reproducing his most popular pieces.

Emmanuele reveals that Delta is very vocal in choosing her look for 'The Voice', in partnership with the fashion stylist from the show [you can follow him here: https://twitter.com/#!/ga8e].

"Delta selects all her pieces or offers great guidelines on what she's channeling at the time." 

For his part, Emmanuele is exceptionally grateful for Delta's support.

"She's a lover of passionate, creative types, and the passion I have for my designs must resonate somehow with her. I'm truly honoured and proud to have Delta wear my pieces."

So, what will Delta wear tonight?

You'll have to tune in and see!

Seeing the fashion styling is seriously one of my highlights of watching show. That, and the singing, of course.

'The Voice' Australia grand final screens tonight at 7.30pm and Monday night 7.30pm, on Channel Nine.

For more on the House of Emmanuele brand, go here: http://houseofemmanuele.com/home

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