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Monday 30 July 2012

Elle magazine Australia: 2013 launch

Magazine aficionados rejoice! The Australian edition of Elle magazine is set to launch. 

If you're a true magazine freak you'll recall the first time Elle magazine launched in Australia - back in March 1990. [No, I didn't have to Google that. Yes I recall the covergirl: Jenny Hayman - she wore green and gold. Yes I still have the issue. Go on, say it: freak]. Here's the March 1990 cover:

According to a report in AdNews magazine [http://www.adnews.com.au/adnews/elle-to-launch-in-2013ACP Magazines will launch an Australian edition of Elle magazine next year after plans to launch the title this year alongside Women’s Fitness were postponed.

With Elle’s Australian launch announced in November last year by then-managing director Phil Scott it was then pushed back in March to an unconfirmed date, with some wondering whether it would be published at all.

However, ACP head of sales Louise Barrett told AdNews: “Elle is absolutely coming next year. Without doubt.” 

“You can’t release a magazine of Elle’s calibre on a small scale because it is the largest fashion magazine in the world,” Barrett said. “It’s a massive brand, not just in the sense of a magazine brand, but also digitally and with licensed product. No one sells as much licensed product as the Elle brand does. The launch has to be done properly. You can’t rush it.”

ACP will publish Elle in partnership with Hearst International Magazines (which also co-publishesCosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Madison and Grazia with ACP) and Elle brandowner Lagardère Active.

Read more at AdNews link above.

Exciting times in magland! Will you buy it? Me... well, I will of course buy the first issue and keep it [and look forward to buying each issue, no doubt]. Here are some brilliant Elle international edition covers [scroll down for more magazine news below].

In other news: editor of InStyle magazine Kerrie McCallum has resigned and will be leaving the title in October. For more, see: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/media/instyle-editor-resigns/story-e6frg996-1226438766075


  1. This. Is. EXCITING!!!! Can't wait!

    Phillipa G, NSW xx

  2. Impressed by your extensive magazine knowledge, Josie!!