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Saturday 21 July 2012

Qantas: Daniel Johns making-of TV ad. Plus, the new Qantas ad

Gosh, I enjoyed watching this - the making of the new Qantas TV ad, featuring Silverchair's Daniel Johns, who says he has "never had a brief before... that was pretty interesting."

And, here is full TV ad:

What I really, truly love about this ad is what some critics have criticised: that you see parts of suburbia, the 'real' Australia. After all, that's what many tourists DO see when they come here. They are likely to be staying with relatives who live here, and, well... most do live in suburbia.

What I also loved is that you never actually see the Qantas plane - just people looking up at the plane, often in awe and admiration. Don't you often do that when you see a Qantas plane fly overhead? I always do.

And of course, the incredible soundtrack called 'Atlas' that Daniel has written, arranged, and performed - in a unique collaboration with the Australian Chamber Orchestra and Qantas - is, I believe, worth its weight in gold... or whatever currency they paid the exceptionally talented rocker.

Did you like it?

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