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Friday 6 July 2012

Wish magazine: Australia’s best dressed, 2012

Nice, Charlie Pickering.

This is just one of the beautiful portraits in this month’s edition of The Australian’s WISH magazine, which features a list of the best dressed Australians, showcasing an eclectic mix from comedians and newsreaders, to a wine maker and a restaurateur.

David Meagher, editor of WISH, said that while this year’s list may cause some debate, there was no denying that this year’s selection was a sartorially elegant bunch.

“The carefully considered list was chosen for each individual’s interesting and distinctive personal style. Some familiar faces include the suavely debonair host of The Project, Charlie Pickering, and the ABC’s sharply dressed Lateline co-presenter, Emma Alberici.

“Each person on the list knows the look that they are trying to create. They understand when to dress up, when to dress down, and appreciate the value of good accessories, knowing that they can make them look and feel good.”

The complete list of The Australian’s WISH magazine best dressed includes: Charlie Pickering, host of The Project, Liam McKessar, blogger, Steve Pavlovic, music promoter, Bradley Cocks, travel entrepreneur, and Lincoln Pilcher, restaurateur and photographer.

And the women: Vanessa Holden, creative director, Emma Alberici, journalist, Lisa McGuigan, winemaker, Sarah Cottier, art gallery owner, and Yasmin Sewell, fashion consultant.

See all the pics here, plus a behind the scenes vid, below.

Grab your copy today!

Watch the stylish behind the scenes video here:


  1. What an uber-stylish lot... grabbing my issue today. Thanks for the awesome post!

    Tim G

  2. Well, hello Mr Charlie Pickering... dapper!

  3. Great to see Emma Alberici again... she looks incredibly stylish. GG xx