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Tuesday 31 July 2012

Neon - THE colour of the moment. The fashion and beauty 'edit'


They are so right now. Like, this weekend, this second, today.

No doubt you've been seeing neon - or 'flouro' colours, if you lived them the first time around in the 1980s - everywhere all of a sudden. And you're dying to get your hands on some neon goodies. Here's my random edit.
Diva earrings $14.99

Diva necklace $24.99

L'Oreal Colour Riche 288 [lipstick] and 504 [nail polish]

Leopard print neon yellow scarf, $6 [I bought this on sale], from boohoo.com

Jasmine fuchsia suedette hi-top wedge $70, from boohoo.com

MAC cosmetics pigment colour in Magenta Madness, $39.

Jessica Biel obv loves this look:

And again, this time neon yellow heel accents

So does Naya Rivera [Glee] at same event in bright yellow heels

Kim Kardashian - and her hot pink pumps

And our own Sarah De Bono with a lime green cuff from Diva. I bought this immediately.

Are you a pink, yellow, lime, neon girl? If you wore it the first time around, what colour 'were' you? Me - I was a flouro pink girl, through and through. What about you?


  1. Love, love, LOVING this all! Neon is... so right now, and I am going to the shops - right now, to get me a dash of flouro!!

    Bel, NSW

  2. Thanks for an inspiring compile piece! Am heading off to buy something neon... those earrings with my black dress... or my stark white one ;)

    CG, VIC