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Saturday 21 July 2012

Veet: the '2012 Brow'. Plus win Veet High Precision Facial Wax for Sensitive Skin

Want to trial a new way to shape your brows?

Dubbed the '2012 brow', watch this clip for tips on how to recreate this look. Then, enter for your chance to win the tool to help you achieve it, the Veet High Precision Facial Wax for Sensitive Skin:

More about the new Veet High Precision Facial Wax for Sensitive Skin, pictured here:
Launched in April 2012, Veet’s High Precision Facial Wax is Veet’s latest, innovative facial waxing product, designed with sensitive skin in mind to care not only for the eyebrows, but also the upper lip and chin, during the hair removal process. Enriched with almond oil, the dermatologically tested formula is dye and fragrance free, for silky smooth skin. It's $12.99 and is available from leading supermarkets, pharmacies and independent retailers nationwide.

And now, Veet and celebrity eyebrow stylist Tonya Crooks have collaborated to unveil the ‘2012 Brow’. LOVE the fanfare around a humble brow... but remember, it frames a face like nothing else!

She's acclaimed Hollywood eyebrow stylist to the stars - Tonya Crooks - and is a leading LA-based brow stylist.

“In recent seasons, brows have been bleached or over groomed into oblivion, but this year they are back — and in a big way! With eyebrows being a key beauty trend this year, I’m delighted to be working with Veet to unveil the ‘2012 Brow’ in Australia. The ‘2012 Brow’ is inspired by the new, stronger, fuller brow being sported by Hollywood celebrities and, most recently, on and off catwalks from New York to Milan.

The ‘2012 Brow’ is a fashion accessory in its own right and one that Australian women can easily re-create in the comfort of their own home with the right tools and know-how,” she said.Tonya's client list includes Megan Fox, Fergie and Nicole Kidman, and she adds: “Celebrities may have a multitude of beauty stylists to call upon, but the ‘2012 Brow’ can easily be achieved at home with a bit of guidance and help from easy-to-use, high-street waxing products such as Veet’s new High Precision Facial Wax. It’s important for all women to be able to achieve a Hollywood look at home without the celebrity price tag, which is why I’m excited to partner with Veet to create the ‘2012 Brow’.”

And Josie's Juice has ten of the Veet High Precision Facial Wax for Sensitive Skin to giveaway!

Here's all you need to do to enter:

- Click 'like' on the Josie's Juice Facebook page [see top right of this page]

- Share this link on your Facebook page

- Tell us in as many or as few words as you like why your brows need some TLC - and which celebrity's brows you love the most.

- Email me your address details at: josiegags@optusnet.com.au
For more information, see http://www.veet.com.au/


  1. My totally unruly eyebrows require waxing every 5 - 6 weeks or otherwise they look too scary to mention ... Think one big bushy mono-brow!!! At $12 each waxing session.... This little beauty would save me lots .... !

  2. My eyebrows have not had attention in quite some time. I am going to purchase this product tomorrow instead of going to a salon for a waxing (since I have a work function to attend on Saturday for my husband's firm). Wish me luck, hope it works and good luck to the others entering your giveaway!


  3. Oh that's awesome Angela! Will you please report back on how it went? Good on you...! x

  4. I had the best brows when I was in New York back in 2004 and had them done at the Anastasia salon inside Sephora. Ever since then, no one has been able to match the shape. I went as far as paying $60 a month for waxing and travelled all the way to Melbourne (I'm in Geelong), but that got way too expensive in the end, so then I changed to threading, which I did for about a year and now I've gone back to an Anastasia stylist here in Geelong and once again, I'm very happy with the shape and fullness, but trying to cut back on expenses and only go when I have a special occasion, so I need something to maintain them in between professional shaping.

    I'm always looking at women's eyebrows and my fave celebrity shape is Megan Fox. They're perfect.

  5. Hi Josie!

    I have just tidied up my eyebrows and am pleased to report that following the instructions carefully, this product worked for me. The skin is smooth where I have removed the unruly eyebrow hair. I like it better than another product I have used in the past.

    Good luck to whoever wins!! (I am not actually competing this time as I am a recent winner of another giveaway).

    Angela M

  6. Gosh, that is SUCH a good story, Nessa! Love it... and yes Megan Fox: perfect! :)

  7. Because my brows are bushy and I need to have complete control over it before summer comes!! Camilla Belle's brows are awesome, she pulls of a beautiful full brow.

  8. Hello all entrants so far! Thanks for your replies. Have you shared this link on your FB page - http://josiesjuice.blogspot.com.au/2012/07/veet-2012-brow-plus-win-veet-high.html

    That's one condition of entry... so it gives others a chance to win, too! ;) x

  9. That is so very cool, Angela - I too trialed it and was most impressed with how smooth my skin is once the hair is removed... thumbs up from me, too, Thanks for reporting back! x

  10. Hi Josie,
    I just shared the giveaway on my facebook and tagged you as well!

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