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Monday 30 July 2012

'The Circle': axed

Wow, this is TV new I am blindsided by...

In news just in from Mumbrella, 'The Circle' is now axed and will finish this Friday.

Here is some of the statement, taken from the Mumbrella site:

TEN’s New Morning Line Up.
The Talk. TEN Morning News. Entertainment Tonight. The Insider.
Network Ten today announced changes to the morning program line-up on TEN.
From Monday, August 6, TEN will add four new programs:
  • The Talk: A weekday talk show that offers a female perspective on the day’s headlines. Created and hosted by Sara Gilbert, The Talk has become one of the fastest-growing talk shows on daytime television in the United States since its launch in 2010.
  • TEN Morning News: Hosted by Ron Wilson, TEN Morning News will cover the latest breaking news and the emerging news stories/issues of the day, adding to TEN’s comprehensive news service from breakfast to bedtime.
  • Entertainment Tonight: An institution in the world of entertainment television, Entertainment Tonight has for the past 41 years offered viewers the latest news events, exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes first looks and Hollywood’s hottest stories.
  • The Insider: Spun out of Entertainment Tonight eight years ago, The Insider takes viewers inside Hollywood, with exclusive interviews and all the news on the hot trends and events in entertainment.
As a result of the introduction of TEN’s new morning line-up, production of The Circle will cease on Friday, August 3.
From August 6, Breakfast will run from 6am to 8.30am, presented by Paul Henry, Kathryn Robinson and Magdalena Roze.
Network Ten would like to thank Pam Barnes, the Executive Producer of The Circle since it launched in February 2010, for her valued contribution to the program and to TEN.
Network Ten would also like to thank all the staff on The Circle, including Hosts Gorgi Coghlan and Yumi Stynes, for their hard work and dedication.
For more, go here:

Are you shocked? Gosh I enjoyed this show... although I will admit I VERY much enjoyed it when Chrissie Swan was on. The most excellent entire 'The Circle' team even won a Logie for their show:


  1. DISAPPOINTED!! I love this show and watch it religiously! The formula was different from the others'... damn BIG shame!!

  2. Bad, bad, bad decision! Oh my gosh... I love this show and how it differs from the magazine style of the others... aaargh: Ten - you have made a bad call!
    GG, NSW

  3. Chrissie was awesome, yes... but the amount of heart and love and effort Gorgi and Yumi put into the show was obvious. What are they to do now? No doubt they will find other jobs, but what does Channel 10 hope to achieve with this new line-up? Bad decision... sorry Ten...

    FG, NSW

  4. Channel Ten!! Whaaaaat are you doing??!!

    Jennifer B, VIC

  5. No, Ten, nooooo!!

    The Circle greatly differed in content from the other two morning shows. Even the title of the show was vastly different, and hence, so were the guests, the content, the feel, everything.

    Big mistake... and now, filling it with overseas content?

    Sarah F, SA

  6. Ah, this is a DAMN shame, truly.

    I have heard of - and seen snippets of - The Talk, and think it will likely do well. But at what cost... throwing away excellent Australian content? Why?!

    Phoebe - BIG Circle fan :(

  7. Yes, agreed folks... very sad news. Wish they'd kept it running. The Circle provided some great conversation and debate, that's for sure.

  8. Gah! Whaaaaat?! Look, I am not your stay at home type [read: I work full time... but damn I wish I was home more often] BUT: when I AM home I always switch onto The Circle. Always had that extra something something. Ten... what are you doing??!!

    Peta, QLD

  9. Sad when Chrissie left... even sadder now. Boooo, Ten!

    Jackie G, WA

  10. Seriously! It was the crappest morning show on tv.

    I cannot stand Kyle Gillies but watch The Morning Show because I love Laz. And I used to watch 9AM with David and Kim and was ticked off when that got the axe for the crap that followed.

    Yumi was nothing but insulting and Chrissie and Denise annoyed the hell out of me. The only times I ever watched was when certain people were on and all of that time never amounted to a full episode.

    I'm glad it's gone but probably won't be watching The Talk either as I can't stand Sharon Osbourne.