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Wednesday 4 July 2012

Ricki-Lee for Covergirl launch: Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

The Ricki-Lee Covergirl launch event - held in Sydney last night at the Museum of Contemporary Art - was quite the affair.

The statuesque singer thrilled the crowd with live performances of her tracks - 'Raining Diamonds', 'Do It Like That', and her new track 'Crazy.'

Girl can perform - and how! And she can sure rock a gold jumpsuit.

Later, Ricki-Lee changed into a gobsmackingly gorgeous Roberto Cavalli dress with vintage Chanel belt, which she confided to me later she "did not want to take off. Ever!"

Delicious - and plentiful - canapes were served throughout the night, and the Kir Royales on arrival were a major hit [I may have had more than one...]

Here are the images from her crowd-wowing performance, and the behind the scenes clip from her new and exciting Covergirl campaign:

'Josie's Juice' ran a comp for readers, and two lucky gals - Maria and Carmen - enjoyed one on one time with Ricki-Lee and autographs, and lots of girl chat. They seemed to join many in the room who suddenly developed a girl crush on the Aussie songstress. Get in line...

And here is the Covergirl ad campaign shot rolling out across the country today. Stunning, no?


  1. I was at the event too and was blown away by Ricki's presence... she is incredible on stage! GG

  2. Ah, Ricki-Lee... Girl crush! I'm totally under now... ;)

    Lee-lee x

  3. Love the new Covergirl ad! What an honour to be chosen as the new CG girl, Ricki-Lee. Well done, you. You look hot.

    Tina G, Syd

  4. Ricki-Lee, you look incredible!

    Wish I'd entered this comp. The winners look like they had a blast :)

    Jacinta H, NSW

  5. That gold jumpsuit looks incredible on her! She hasn't lost her curves, I can see. She's stunning, and love the songs from her new album - can't wait to hear all her new songs...