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Saturday 21 July 2012

Alex PF Jackson: Dermosthetique Makeup VIP Day: July 23

This is the master behind my new and oh-my-gosh-I-love-my-hair, Alex PF Jackson.

He operates from Darlinghurst Salon 'Super Deluxe Hair' and he is hosting an event using the incredible, anti-aging skincare range called Dermosthetique and its accompanying makeup range called Belavance, which he pampered me on the day I got my hair done [he adds this as a special little service for all his clients. He makes you feel very lush]:

If you'd like to attend - it's this Monday July 23 - just pop him a line at: alexpfjackson@gm.com or call the salon on 02 9360 4447 or 0403 217 122.

Stay tuned for another piece on how Alex executed his particular method of balayage and how he can adapt it to your hair... with stunning results.

1 comment:

  1. Ooooh I would have loved to go.. Used to live in Darlinghurst! But have taken a massive step back and now reside in Perth.... for now anyway.