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Monday 23 July 2012

Lara Bingle: GQ Australia August/September 2012

This is Lara Bingle... being Lara Bingle.

It's her new shoot with GQ Australia. And it shows she knows just how to do a photo shoot:

And here is the cover of GQ Australia, in which the Lara Bingle shoot appears. It's on sale today.

She tells GQ, about her reality show 'Being Lara Bingle':

“It’s intense. They’re filming 10 hours a day, seven days a week and we only get a 22-minute show. I was trying to find my feet at the beginning but I’m pretty comfortable with it now.”

And about the paparazzi, who she is renowned to court:

“The paparazzi have a job just as much as I do and I’ve learnt to go with it — it’s the nature of the beast, it comes with the territory. I tried to fight it for a very long time and it just got me nowhere.”

Read the full article in GQ's August.September 2012 issue, on sale Monday 23rd July.

1 comment:

  1. I must say I have become a Lara fan ever since the debut of her reality series. I really knew nothing of her before, except how blessed she was with such a gorgeous face, and figure! I find her very down to earth and, sometimes silly and immature innocence, very sweet too... i guess it's so far removed from anything manipulative in a person that you can't help but like it. On the flip side, I also admire intelligent people, too! Being Lara Bingle is a great half hour of TV where your brain can switch off, and every girl's love of fashion and beauty can be totally indulged! Love this issue of GQ so thanks for writing about it. Also love Keith so might have to just go out and buy this copy, then hand it over to hubby to file!